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Proxy の設定メモ

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  1. Package Control 利用時の Proxy 設定メモ
  • Package Control.sublime-settings を開く
    Preferrences > Package Settings > Package Control > Settings - Default KI001927.JPG

  • Proxyを指定する。
    	// An HTTP proxy server to use for requests
    -	"http_proxy":  "",
    +	"http_proxy":  "http://hogeproxy:8080",
    	// An HTTPS proxy server to use for requests - if not specified, but
    	// http_proxy is, http_proxy will be used for https_proxy also
    -	"https_proxy": "",
    +	"https_proxy": "http://hogeproxy:8080",
    ※認証がある場合、「http://id:pass@hogeproxy:8080」とか書くと良いらしい。 KI001928.JPG

  • なぜか https が通らないのでrepository_channels のpathを変更
    	// A list of URLs that each contain a JSON file with a list of repositories.
    	// The repositories from these channels are placed in order after the
    	// repositories from the "repositories" setting
    	"repository_channels": [
    -		""
    +		""
  • ダウンロードでhttpsを使うようなので Package を修正
    590行目あたり、secure_url_match = re.match('^https://([^/]+)', url) を http に修正。
    -		secure_url_match = re.match('^https://([^/]+)', url)
    +		secure_url_match = re.match('^http://([^/]+)', url)
    		if secure_url_match != None:
    		secure_domain =
    		bundle_path = self.check_certs(secure_domain, timeout)
    		if not bundle_path:

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